Share video, photo, audio works easier with ASTODI

Thanks to ASTODI’s advanced work sharing and teamwork capabilities you can share your content from your online media library directly your partners. You don’t have to upload your files to other video- or file sharing platforms. ASTODI helps you to collaborate with your partners – you can speed up your video teamwork with just a few clicks. You can share photos, videos, selections, libraries and whole projects, with all the metadata connected to your media files. There are many ways for collaboration in ASTODI. You can just share your project or projects with others –  they don’t even have to be ASTODI subscribers. When they open your invitation in their browser, they will see the same user interface/files. For the time being, you can’t set different rights for different people and you can’t log different contributions. These functions will be available in the future.

Appearance of the ASTODI application during use

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