Detailed solution background


ASTODI allows users to add metadata (tags and keywords) to their media assets and organize them into an unlimited number or projects.

A single clip can be linked to, moved in and out of any number of projects without the need to create a copy. You can create, edit and add to your media global or individual keyword sets. Keyword groups can also be defined to speed up tagging.

Integrated, AI-powered automatic image analysis helps you add keywords to your clips quickly and efficiently.

The built-in, extremely fast search function is accessible everywhere from your entire database to selected projects or just the open project. The results can be further narrowed down with the use of filters.

You can define custom attributes that allow faster and more precise organization. Both projects and individual media can be colour-coded.

Fast editing

The Editor Window lets you edit all the metadata of your files. This video shows you how to use the permanent Tagging, Stock and Tech Info tabs as well as using custom fields and attributes to define your own tabs.


ASTODI currently allows you to work with media files stored on Dropbox and Google Drives. OneDrive integration is coming soon.

The Editor Window allows you to add different types of metadata to your files. Apart from Title, Description and Keywords you can assign ratings and colour codes.

ASTODI Basic and Custom packages have a “Suggested Keywords” function that uses AI-powered image analysis to automatically generate a set of keywords. This function also works with videos but the keywords will be based on the thumbnail image.

Add keywords and ratings for several files by selecting multiple clips in the File Browser window.


Search within your entire database, selected projects or your open project by using the Search function in the Toolbar. Left-click the Search dialogue area to see additional options.

Search results will open in a new tab in the File Browser at the lower part of the screen.

Share & work

Share your projects with other ASTODI users simply by clicking the Share button in the toolbar and entering the other user’s email address. Grant access levels by setting the user’s permissions. “Editors” can modify keywords and remove files from a project. “Read-only” users can search and download assets but cannot modify the project in any way.

Cloud storage

ASTODI currently allows you to work with media files stored on Dropbox and Google Drives. OneDrive integration is coming soon.

Connect your cloud-based assets by clicking on ‘+’ in the “Clouds” tab in the Sidebar. After choosing the required cloud service ASTODI needs to be granted access to your cloud storage.

Stock upload

ASTODI can upload your files to Stock agencies with all the required metadata with just one click of the mouse. If all the required attributes have been filled in, a CSV file is generated and uploaded along each file with the specifications of the selected stock site.

Some stock sites do not accepts these separate CSV files. Don’t panic — we will show you how to generate and download CSV files for a group of selected clips so you can upload the required metadata manually.

ASTODI Storage

Use your ASTODI Storage for storing and sharing any or all of your original media files. Your full-resolution content is safe but can be shared with and transferred to the collaborators you choose.

Your ASTODI Storage ranges from 500 GB up to 20 TB of dedicated cloud storage. The Basic package comes with 500 GB. The Custom package includes an initial 1 TB of storage that you can increase in 1 TB increments up to 20 TB.

Should you need even more storage get in touch for an individual quote.