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A regularly updated list of the most commonly asked questions by Astodi users

What is ASTODI? The word ASTODI is an acronym of Asset and STOck DIrector. It is a cloud-based service helping you to organize, access and distribute digital content, including images, video and audio files. In other words it is a Media Asset Manager system with advanced tagging, descriptive metadata support and filtering capabilities. It also provides automatic uploads directly to the biggest stock sites. ASTODI allows you to work with your files form anywhere – you just need a computer, a browser and internet access.

ASTODI works with your files stored on cloud based services like Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive (coming soon) and also on your hard drives. Therefore it makes it possible for you to organize your content in one place without moving the files from their original folder. All the metadata – and the lower resolution proxy files and thumbnails of your originals – are stored on our servers, therefore you can reach, tag, and upload your files to stock agencies with one application from any location, with minimal required bandwidth.

ASTODI does not store your original files – they stay on their original place: on your cloud or on your local storage. ASTODI however creates a low resolution thumbnail and a proxy file for faster operation. These are placed on our servers, so you can reach them and work with your files anytime.

The two version has the same user interface and allow work on the same database. With the Desktop App however, you can directly access your original files on any of your hard drives that are connected, as well as your files stored on cloud based services. With the Browser App, you can only reach the thumbnails/proxies of your files stored on your hard drives.

The ASTODI Browser app can run on every modern Mac/PC that is capable of running a web browser sufficiently. It runs in most of the popular browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. However, as it’s mainly developed on Chrome, we recommend the usage of Google Chrome, version 80.0.39. The ASTODI Browser App is optimized for macOS and Windows. At the moment we are working on a version that will be suitable for the most popular tablets too.

ASTODI can handle most of the popular video-, image- and audio formats. For video and audio processing, ASTODI uses Ffmpeg. You can see the detailed list of compatible formats on the Ffmpeg website: https://www.ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg-formats.html. For image processing (thumbnail generation) ASTODI uses ImageMagick. You can see the full list of supported formats here: https://imagemagick.org/script/formats.php.

Yes, there are many ways for collaboration in ASTODI. You can just share your project or projects with others – and they don’t even have to be ASTODI subscribers. When they open your invitation in their browser, they will see the same user interface/files.  ASTODI PREMIUM also allows you to export your database in CSV and XML formats, so you can use your metadata in your preferred photo or video editing software.

ASTODI allows you to choose a subscription plan according to your needs. The STANDARD plan allows you to make 25 projects with your cloud based files, without the possibility of uploading your files to stock agencies or FTP servers. BASIC plan offers the possibility to add your local files with the help of ASTODI desktop app. The PREMIUM plan enables all the functions: micro-stock and FTP uploads, Stock Metadata Management and CSV import/export, XML export. For detailed comparison between subscription plans, check: https://astodi.com/pricing/

You can always upgrade/downgrade your plan according to your needs.

The ASTODI Browser App is running efficiently only on Macs and PC-s at the moment. Our development team is currently working on a version which will allow you to work on your database with a tablet or a mobile phone.mobile phone.

There are many ways for collaboration in ASTODI. You can just share your project or projects with others –  they don’t even have to be ASTODI subscribers. When they open your invitation in their browser, they will see the same user interface/files. For the time being, you can’t set different rights for different people and you can’t log different contributions. These functions will be available in the future.

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