Digital asset management solutions ( DAM )

Why do you need a digital asset management solution?

ASTODI as an asset manager​

Today when the number and size of our media files are growing exponentially it’s more and more important to find certain files efficiently. Content only becomes a usable asset when metadata is associated with it. Metadata is essential to managing these assets, providing useful information about the content. This information makes content accessible and searchable, provides context, defines usage rights, shows an asset’s history of use, and over time can be used to determine an asset’s value. Digital asset management software – like ASTODI – help you to navigate through the oceans of metadata.

ASTODI is a Media Asset Manager system with advanced tagging, descriptive metadata support and filtering capabilities. ASTODI works with your files stored on cloud based services like Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive (coming soon) and also on your hard drives. Therefore it makes it possible for you to organize your content in one place without moving the files from their original folder. All the metadata – and the lower resolution proxy files and thumbnails of your originals – are stored on our servers, therefore you can reach, tag, and upload your files to stock agencies with one application from any location, with minimal required bandwidth.

Diverse content stored by us scattered on cloud based services and hard drives. The ASTODI content management application makes it possible for you to use your content in one place without moving the files from their original folder. The goal of the application is to make media content management easier and to help you visualize your files.

We are creating a database for you to manage your content freely. We provide the system, but we don’t need to store your original content. You can keep everything safely yourself. The intelligent projects automatically sort out digital content based on the type of file, media extensions, EXIF metadatas. The AI image analysis helps you create keywords and tags. This provides the efficient way to search an infinite amount of content, while sharing and uploading.

After importing the files, our servers immediately start to thumbnail your content, so you can visualize it more easily. As for the videos, low quality proxy watchers provide the possibility to watch them.

We provide a wide range of exportation possibilities from our system, even in spreadsheet or xml form

Astodi helps you organize your data
ASTODI application screenshot
screenshot of the ASTODI application

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