ASTODI 360: Revolutionizing Media Asset Management with Comprehensive Services

ASTODI 360: Revolutionizing Media Asset Management with Comprehensive Services

In the fast-evolving world of media asset management, ASTODI has taken a giant leap forward with the expansion of its service package, introducing a comprehensive, 360-degree approach to cater to the needs of its partners. This development marks a significant stride in the company’s journey, reflecting a year of valuable experience gathering and an unwavering commitment to customer feedback.

Tailored Solutions for Every Need

ASTODI’s new service package is designed to address the specific needs of each partner, ensuring that they only pay for what they truly require. This bespoke approach is poised to revolutionize the management of large volumes of media content, making processes faster and more efficient.

Key Pillars of the ASTODI 360 Service:

  • Consultation: Understanding the internal needs and processes of each company to provide the best possible software environment.
  • Collaboration: Developing a mutually beneficial partnership.
  • Integration: Adapting ASTODI modules to fit seamlessly with internal processes.
  • Digitalization: Uploading archive materials onto the ASTODI platform.
  • Education: Training all relevant personnel on new processes and application usage, with ongoing support for newly developed features.
  • Feedback and Adjustment: Continuously monitoring internal processes to fine-tune the system.

What Does ASTODI Offer?

Digitalization: The ASTODI application enables the digitization of both raw and edited content, regardless of its current technology or usage. It includes AI and editorial-based tagging for easy future retrieval.

Unified Format: A consistent rendering solution ensures that all content is digitized in a common format, with updates to meet changing format demands.

Cross-Platform Accessibility: Content is made available across various online and social media platforms, catering to modern consumption habits.

Integration with Post-Production Software: Easy cooperation with editing software through the online interface.

Team Collaboration: Multiple users can work on content simultaneously, with different access levels for various stages of the workflow.

Home Office Friendly: The platform can be used on a simple browser interface, allowing significant portions of editing and cutting work to be done remotely.

No Hardware Investment Required: The application is user-friendly and does not require special hardware or expertise.

Rapid Response: The development team provides immediate responses to user feedback, ensuring agility and customization.

ASTODI is not just a tool; it’s a partner in managing media assets efficiently and effectively. By visiting ASTODI’s website and getting in touch, businesses can discover the best media asset management solutions tailored to their specific needs.