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We will start the new year with a new impetus! Thanks to the successful raising of capital, 2022 will be the year of entering the international market in the life of ASTODI. This year was about “warming up before the big jump”. We learned and discussed a lot, which has borne fruit.

This year was about learning and preparing. The further development and expansion of testing and application was a constant challenge, but entering the international market requires a completely different way of thinking, for which we also had to be prepared. We know that this process will never end, but now all the conditions are in place for us to measure ourselves.

It would not have succeeded by ourselves. We are grateful to the Design Terminal Mentor Program, in which we won both the “Most Developed Startup” and “Winner of the Demo Day” grand prizes. We are grateful to our mentor, Zoltán Várdy, who helped us a lot in finalizing the product structure, developing the sales strategy and in the investor negotiations.

Since the start of the summer, we have been negotiating with a number of media companies in the domestic market, so far hundreds have registered for the service and several paid agreements have been reached. In the meantime, we started negotiations with a venture capitalist because we needed extra resources to enter the international market. To our greatest pleasure, this process was completed, because on 29 November, 2021, we signed a contract with Hiventures Zrt. for an investment of HUF 55 million. This extra resource provides us the opportunity to enter the international market. Thanks again for the trust of our investor!

Although a new era is beginning in our lives, we also think with gratitude of those who helped us in the initial steps. The list will certainly not be complete, but we would like to thank them: Gábor Csorba, Éva Csóti, Ádám Elek, Bendegúz Hajnal, Benjámin Hajnal, István Jäger, György László, Balázs Lerner, Csaba Magyar, Miklós Kovács, Anna Nyírő, Gábor Rutai, Tamás Sáfrányos, Dániel Szabó, Zsófia Szepessy, Dániel Tok, Gergő Tóth and many others.