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What is ASTODI?

Innovative video manager to categorize, share and monetize your media assets
Manage all your videos on a single UI no matter where the original is stored
Securely transfer your ultra-large media files
Free up to 10 GB or 50 files
Access your content anywhere in the world through a simple browser
Sell your videos at the touch of a button to eight stock providers
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Video guide

Our services are easy to use, but if you have any questions, watch our free and simple video tutorials. Watch it here or on Youtube or Vimeo.

Loved by Our Customers

Astodi is a media content management tool that helps production companies working with a high volume of large media files to boost efficiency and collaboration by preparing their files to be catalogued, shared and monetized using a simple browser.

Norbert P. Moraru

This is the most versatile application to organize, systematize my files wherever I am for better transparency and safety, because I do not have to take with me any hardver or other type of media storage for showing it to the others.

Nature & Wildelife Tours Transylvania

George Olah, PhD

As a documentary filmmaker, I have accumulated tons of footage over the years, used in different film projects. Astodi helped me keeping the footage organised, and working on it with my team in a simple browser solution, without the need of complicated and often expensive file sharing platforms. Give it a try, I bet you will find it super useful!

Wilde Life Messengers

Ágota Juhász

One of my best workfellows spends a lot of time on field doing wildlife shooting, having video library that grows day by day . As we are not based in the same city, it was always kind of difficult to have a glimpse on his new footages. Now, via Astodi, things have become more simple - I can access his library straightaway and easily find the pictures I need.

Blue Frog Film & Media

ASTODI does not store your original files – they stay on their original place: on your cloud or on your local storage. ASTODI however creates a low resolution thumbnail and a proxy file for faster operation. These are placed on our servers, so you can reach them and work with your files anytime.

ASTODI can handle most of the popular video-, image- and audio formats. For video and audio processing, ASTODI uses Ffmpeg. You can see the detailed list of compatible formats on the Ffmpeg website:

For image processing (thumbnail generation) ASTODI uses ImageMagick. You can see the full list of supported formats here:

The ASTODI Browser app can run on every modern Mac/PC that is capable of running a web browser sufficiently. It runs in most of the popular browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. However, as it’s mainly developed on Chrome, we recommend the usage of Google Chrome, version 80.0.39. The ASTODI Browser App is optimized for macOS and Windows. At the moment we are working on a version that will be suitable for the most popular tablets too.

ASTODI works with your files stored on cloud based services like Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive (coming soon) and also on your hard drives. Therefore it makes it possible for you to organize your content in one place without moving the files from their original folder. All the metadata – and the lower resolution proxy files and thumbnails of your originals – are stored on our servers, therefore you can reach, tag, and upload your files to stock agencies with one application from any location, with minimal required bandwidth.

Yes, there are many ways for collaboration in ASTODI. You can just share your project or projects with others.