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Astodi - Asset manager, Stockdirector

Asset manager​

What are the advantages of digital content management? It’s harder to track and control digital files over time. Dealing with pictures, logos and files is a huge waste of time.


ASTODI helps you to upload your content the easiest and fastest way. Upload with one step. Our service provides automatic control directly to the biggest stock sites.


We are always looking for the latest and best solutions, in order to help you manage your content the most efficient and comfortable way. We update ASTODI regularly based on user feedback.


Organize your materials into unlimited number of projects.


Search efficiently. Use the basic filters or create your own.

Edit fast

Edit massively and super-fast. Add titles, keywords or even copyrights.

Colorized Folder

You can assign a unique color and a label to each project folder to make visual search easier.

Share & Work

Send files, create and share project albums via email.


Thanks to AI technology, automatic image analysis helps you to tag quickly and efficiently.


Our services are easy to use, but if you have any questions watch our free and simple video tutorials. Watch it here or on Youtube or Vimeo.


If you have any question? Don’t be afraid to ask! Our well-prepared support group is available seven days a week throughout the year, except New Year’s Eve. We need to party as well …. 🙂

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